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Hanlexon believes that only you know what your kids/students need to practice in order to learn Chinese efficiently, so we give you this tool to:

  • Create and save worksheets and lessons out of any Chinese text
  • Annotate your text with pinyin and/or stroke orders
  • Share and search Chinese learning material
  • Create flash cards, big-sized worksheets and scramble games
  • Institution members can share classes to their students so they get homework automatically pushed to them.
  • Completely new flashcard!

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You will need Adobe Reader in order to view/print the worksheet.

- 三字经段落: 人之初,性本善。性相近,习相远。苟不教,性乃迁。教之道,贵以专。 昔孟母,择邻处。子不学,断机杼。... | Read(Correct Pinyin) | Write | Read | Character List | Flashcard | Scramble

- 三字经词组: 人之初 性本善 性相近 习相远 苟不教 性乃迁 教之道 贵以专 昔孟母 择邻处 子不学... | Read(Correct Pinyin) | Write | Read | Character List | Flashcard | Scramble

- 三字经单字: 人之初性本善性相近习相远苟不教性乃迁教之道贵以专 | Read(Correct Pinyin) | Write | Read | Character List | Flashcard | Scramble

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